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Testify Design Goals (Broad)
Backend Redesign
Reorganize internally
Use enlive throughout
Use persistence framework (Redis)
Make create-thing smarter (datatypes)
Create CRUD macros (save typing)
Fix "broken pipe" connection pooling issue
Unit testing
Input validation
Ajax support (esp. "add page" to support dynamic preview)
HTML redesign
Visual "look & feel"
Navigation (backlinks)
Security redesign
User authentication
Social network integration (Intl')
Encapsulate app (keep creds private)
Learn redis-clojure connection pooling stuff
Action Points
Finish coding sitemap
use ring.util.response/file-response
from redis to memory buffer?
Debugging prod
Alter failsafe to check for that exception
Debug why redis calls were failing
Redis was fine, routing was wrong.
Using when? is NOT OK.
Typing on view-page (need IMG tags at right places)
Tranactional redis
make update tranact
Clarify routes
move restore to admin
NOTE: route/not-found returns (routes (ANY "/a/url" [aoeu] {response} ))
Verify that prod error routing is correct
Improve appear.clj
use maps for args to snippets
Validate HTML
Make many lis under one ul instead of current step
Make docstrings, comments, etc. more consistent
Cleanup persist.clj/restore
Go back and make restore-page defaults good
Make restore-names generic (allow hash restore? Maybe ascii ok)
WhyJSmiles Redesign goals
End of game checking not working online
make everything bigger for smartphone usage
make lower fps FOR SMARTPHONES