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1 parent add93ed commit 598e769147ad0418a250b6a6d9598e5beccaf0e8 @jeyoor committed Feb 21, 2012
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  1. +18 −6 src/testify/process/transform.clj
24 src/testify/process/transform.clj
@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@
(recur (+ number 1) savelist (rest worklist))
(recur (+ number 1) (cons (first worklist) savelist) (rest worklist))))))
-(defn parse-transforms
+(defn lexify-transforms
"take a string of user transforms, return a list of args to the at macro"
;;ignore the odd entries
@@ -46,7 +46,7 @@
"Check enlive fun name for needed args-to-nodes conversion."
;;funs that require conversion from text args to HTML nodes
- (let [conv-funs #{"append" "prepend" "before" "after" "substitute"}]
+ (let [conv-funs #{"append" "prepend" "before" "after" "substitute" "content"}]
(set/subset? #{(string/trim name)} conv-funs)))
(defn process-selector
@@ -63,30 +63,35 @@
`(let [funame# ~funstr
args# ~argstr]))
+(defn process-fname
+ "Take a function name string and return the appropriate Clojure symbol"
+ [fname]
+ (load-string (str "html/" (.trim fname))))
(defmacro single-transform
"take one user-script transformation statement and apply it to the given HTML nodes"
[nodes transform]
`(let [selector# (process-selector (first ~transform))
- funame# (second ~transform)
+ funame# (process-fname (second ~transform))
args# (nth ~transform 2)]
;;TODO: check and transform args based on function used
;;check for content, append, prepend,
(need-nodes? funame#)
- ~nodes [(keyword selector#)]
+ ~nodes (vec selector#)
((load-string (str "html/" funame#))(html/html-snippet args#)))
- ~nodes [(keyword selector#)]
+ ~nodes (vec selector#)
((load-string (str "html/" funame#)) args#)))))
;;;;Transformation operations
(defn make-transform
"apply user transformation script to some html nodes"
[nodes #^java.lang.String script]
- (loop [transes (parse-transforms script) nde nodes]
+ (loop [transes (lexify-transforms script) nde nodes]
(if (empty? transes) nde
(recur (rest transes) (single-transform nodes (first transes))))))
;(println (second trans)))))
@@ -96,6 +101,13 @@
[#^java.lang.String html #^java.lang.String transform ]
(spit "/tmp/test.html" (apply str (html/emit* (make-transform (html/html-snippet (slurp html)) (slurp transform))))))
(defn test-transform
[#^java.lang.String html #^java.lang.String transform ]
(make-transform (html/html-snippet (slurp html)) (slurp transform)))
+(defn test-lex
+ "test the lexical analysis"
+ [#^java.lang.String transform]
+ (lexify-transforms (slurp transform)))

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