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\newcommand{\hwname}{Jacob Zimmerman}
% This is just used to generate filler content. You don't need it in an actual
% homework!
This is my answer to the first question.
Don't forget to fill in your personal and class information at the top!
This question's number will be auto-incremented.
\question*{Super Fancy Named Question}
This question was given a fancy name!
% Sometimes questions get separated from their bodies. Use a \newpage to force
% them to wrap to the next page.
Using the \texttt{induction} environment is a great way to typeset induction proofs!
Here I have my base case.
This is usually about 1-2 lines of text that is not entirely difficult to come up with.
That doesn't mean it's not important though!
Assume cool things to make proof work. Look, math:
\[a^2 + b^2 = c^2\]
Prove all the things. When in doubt, write in Latin, because things
written in Latin sound more true. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur
adipiscing elit. Maecenas tempor risus in dapibus aliquam. Donec at
euismod dui. In libero turpis, blandit quis vestibulum ac, rutrum sit amet
est. Suspendisse nec lacus vel dui lobortis lacinia at sit amet risus.
Fusce dui ex, imperdiet nec finibus ut, bibendum a lacus.
Therefore, we have proven the claim by induction in the \texttt{induction} environment.
Use the arabicparts environment to include the questionCounter number in the list.
\item Use \LaTeX
\item ???
\item Profit!
Use the alphaparts environment to for letters instead of numbers.
Use \LaTeX
\item ???
\item Profit!
Question numbers continue to auto-increment, regardless of question type.
% Use \renewcommand{\questiontype}{<text>} to change what word is displayed
% before numbered questions
This question has a different question type!
You can still do things like nesting lists inside of these environments.
\item Use \LaTeX
\item Open terminal
\item Open vim
\item Write LaTeX
\item ???
\item Profit!
% Use the \setcounter{questionCounter}{<x>} to force the question number to a
% particular question. If your written homework's question start at number 9001,
% use the following
\href{}{It's over 9000!!!}
You can also use the \texttt{section} macro for starting a question.
\section*{Using the \texttt{section} Macro}
The starred \texttt{section*} works as well.