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This is a simple set of Solarized-based styles for generating a PDF slide deck. Some features are:

  • A consistent Solarized feel with minimal decoration
  • Solarized colors for code blocks

It uses Pandoc and the beamer LaTeX document class to generate presentations as PDF slides.


There are a number of build dependencies for these starter files:

  • Pandoc, a universal document converter
  • LaTeX, a document preparation system
  • The font Avenir
  • The font Menlo

Installation instructions vary depending on your system. See the linked websites for more information.


  1. Copy these starter files wherever you'd like.
  2. Rename sample.md to <filename>.md
  3. Edit the TARGET variable at the top of the Makefile to equal <filename>
  4. Write your content in <filename>.md
    • Be sure to adjust the information like the title and author at the top of the file
    • You can make section slides with #
    • You can make content slides with ## (or # if you have no sections)
  5. Read the Makefile's documentation.


MIT License