A music centric web interface for XBMC
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XBMCwui (XBMC Web User Interface)

An advanced web UI for XBMC. Very much focused on music with video on its way
It is in early beta but still very stable. 


- Beautiful UI which is simple yet powerful. Google Music being the inspiration. 
- Fast! Loads your music library once then zips around from there
- Ability to make multiple browser playlists
- Play browser playlists... In XBMC or your browser
- Drag and drop interface for adding songs to playlists
- Powerful and fast search

- install XBMC v11 eden, add a music share and scan for new music
- find your local XBMC/addons folder (eg. win: C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\XBMC\addons, linux: ~/.xbmc/addons)
- create a folder called "webinterface.xbmcwui" and cd into it
- clone this project into that folder
- if xbmc is running, restart it
- in xbmc, go to settings > network and allow web access then change the web interface to xbmcwui
- visit the address of xbmc in your browser

TODO: create a zip installer and eventually get it into the xbmc repo

- 12 Aug 12: Added Mini player where the entire music library is not loaded, just enough to control what is currently playing. Still needs some refinement.
- 12 Aug 12: Fixed bug with playing bar not updating what is currently playing.

Known Issues:
- The bigger your music collection, the longer it takes to load (about 5 sec per 10000 songs)
- Checkout the issues page on github