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Foleon Assessment

Travis Build Status

REST API using laravel -

React App -

Api Doc - Postman Documentation

Getting Started

These instructions give you a copy of the project up and running on your local machine for development and testing purposes.
See deployment for notes on how to deploy the project on a live system.


PHP ^7.3

Mysql ^5.4





Running locally - Installing

Starting from the principle that your local environment already has all the prerequisites installed, follow the steps below:

Clone the repository and move to target directory

git clone foleon

Go to the API folder and install the project dependencies

cd foleon/api && composer install

Create a .env file and set your environment vars

cp .env.example .env

Setup the project

php artisan key:generate \
&& php artisan migrate --force \
&& php artisan passport:install

Seeding with Fake Data

This command generate users, events, groups and connections data for development and testing purposes

php artisan db:seed

Building User authentication views

npm install && npm run dev

Serving API application for development

php artisan serve --port=8084

Go to the "front" directory. Install and run npm

cd ../front && npm install && npm start

Now our API is running at port 8084, and our Frontend app is running at port 3000 for development purposes.

http://localhost:8084 - API

http://localhost:3000 - FRONTEND

Running with Docker Compose - Installing

Make sure you are at the project root folder and run:

docker-compose up 

@todo - add Redis to Docker Container @todo - Automate frontend setup at Docker Container

Running the tests

Unit and Feature Tests configured in the api/phpunit.xml file.


@todo - End to end test examples

And coding style tests

We are following the PSR-12 standard

./vendor/bin/phpcs app --standard=PSR12


Production it's being deployed using Travis CI. Unit tests, code lints are made, and if successful, the application deployment starts.

See :

@todo - Describe manual deployment


  • Jefferson Silva - Initial work - Jezao


  • Foleon for opportunity and patience.


  • Setup Redis as Cache Storage
  • Frontend - Develop Users List
  • Frontend - Develop User Details
  • Frontend - Develop Event Details
  • Frontend - Login with facebook
  • Generate PHPDOC & API Doc on deployment
  • Setup pagination and filter parameters to all Entities
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