Basic TextMate bundle for Emacs org-mode files.
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This is a very basic TextMate/Sublime Text syntax for Emacs org-mode files. I created it mostly so that I can get syntax highlighting for my org-mode files in Textastic for iOS. It started life as a TextMate .tmbundle but I’m now using Sublime Text to test/develop it.

Not all colour schemes include rules for all of the used markup.* elements, particularly the headings. Those that do include:

  • Cobalt
  • Eiffel
  • Mac Classic
  • Sunburst
  • Twilight
  • Vintage

Please use/abuse/modify it under the terms of the BSD 2-clause license.

Todo list

  • [X] Headings
  • [X] Keywords in headings
  • [X] TODO tags in headings
  • [X] Bold
  • [X] Italics
  • [X] Underline
  • [X] Code
  • [X] Verbatim
  • [X] Comments
  • [X] Quote (#+BEGIN/END_QUOTE)
  • [X] Lists
    • [X] Unordered
    • [X] Ordered
    • [X] Definition
  • [X] LaTeX blocks
  • [X] HTML blocks
  • [X] Links
  • [X] Bare URLs
  • [ ] Footnotes
  • [X] Source code blocks
    • [X] Generic
    • [X] Ruby
    • [X] Python
    • [X] elisp
  • [X] Horizontal rules
  • [X] Property drawers
  • [X] File-level options & metadata
  • [X] Inline elements within block elements