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from collections import deque, namedtuple
from import Iterator
from tqdm import tqdm
import re
import fileinput as fi
RE_ISTATE = re.compile(r'Begin in state (?P<state>\w+)\.')
RE_RUNTIME = re.compile(
r'Perform a diagnostic checksum after (?P<steps>\d+) steps.')
RE_STATETRANS = re.compile(
r"In state (?P<state>\w+):\n"
r" If the current value is (?P<read0>\d+):\n"
r" - Write the value (?P<write0>\d+)\.\n"
r" - Move one slot to the (?P<move0>left|right).\n"
r" - Continue with state (?P<next0>\w+).\n"
r" If the current value is (?P<read1>\d+):\n"
r" - Write the value (?P<write1>\d+)\.\n"
r" - Move one slot to the (?P<move1>left|right).\n"
r" - Continue with state (?P<next1>\w+).")
MOVE = {'left': -1, 'right': 1}
Rule = namedtuple('Rule', 'write move next_state')
class TuringMachine:
def __init__(self, program=None):
self.tape = deque()
self.transition_table = {}
self.state = None
self.runtime = 0
self.steps = 0
self.pos = 0
self.offset = 0
if program is not None:
def __str__(self):
return f"Current: {self.state}; steps: {self.steps} of {self.runtime}"
def __getitem__(self, i):
i += self.offset
if i < 0 or i >= len(self.tape):
return 0
return self.tape[i]
def __setitem__(self, i, x):
i += self.offset
if i >= 0 and i < len(self.tape):
self.tape[i] = x
elif i == -1:
self.offset += 1
elif i == len(self.tape):
raise IndexError('Tried to set position off end of tape')
def load(self, program):
if isinstance(program, Iterator):
program = ''.join(program)
match =
self.state = match['state']
match =
self.runtime = int(match['steps'])
for match in RE_STATETRANS.finditer(program):
self.transition_table[match['state']] = {
int(match['read0']): Rule(write=int(match['write0']),
int(match['read1']): Rule(write=int(match['write1']),
def run(self):
for _ in tqdm(range(self.runtime),
desc="Running", unit="steps", unit_scale=True):
def step(self):
read = self[self.pos]
rule = self.transition_table[self.state][read]
self[self.pos] = rule.write
self.pos += rule.move
self.state = rule.next_state
def checksum(self):
return sum(self.tape)
machine = TuringMachine(fi.input())
print("Checksum:", machine.checksum)