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@@ -2,14 +2,18 @@
Reusable Django apps with setuptools
+.. contents::
+ :backlinks: none
This is yet another approach on enabling Django to load reusable, pluggable,
egg-based applications without changing the Django sourcecode. Think of
-plugins or components, e.g. django-registration, django-voting or django-tagging.
+plugins or components, e.g. django-registration, django-threadedcomments or
It uses setuptools for finding, handling and loading egg-based Python modules
-with a certain "entry point" (``'django.apps'``).
+with a specific `entry point`_, e.g. ``'django.apps'``.
-Egg-based Python modules (a.k.a. eggs) are compressed packaged Python modules
+`Egg-based Python modules`_ (a.k.a. eggs) are compressed packaged Python modules
like Django apps. Every Django app can be converted to an egg distribution by
using a special file.
@@ -31,9 +35,10 @@ To install *reusableapps*, follow these steps:
For example::
- '/home/jannis/django/reusable_apps',
+ '/home/jannis/.local',
+ '/Users/Jannis/Code/eggs',
- 'C:/www/django/apps'
+ 'C:/www/django/apps',
4. Add to the last line of your settings file (after the INSTALLED_APPS_
@@ -47,10 +52,15 @@ Putting it together
Once you finished with above installation instructions, your `settings file`_
should look something like this::
+ import reusableapps
+ # ...
- '/home/jannis/django/reusable_apps',
- '/usr/share/django/apps',
- 'C:/www/django/apps',
+ '/home/jannis/.local',
+ '/Users/Jannis/Code/eggs',
+ '/usr/share/django/apps',
+ 'C:/www/django/apps',
@@ -77,8 +87,10 @@ setting.
.. _settings file:
+.. _entry point:
+.. _Egg-based Python modules:
-Adding support for reusable applications to your own Django app
+Adding support for *django-reusableapps* to your own Django app
If you want to support django-reusableapps in your own Django app, you need
@@ -93,12 +105,13 @@ Furthermore you need to add an 'entry point' to the setup keywords::
where my ``myapp`` is the name of your Django app, e.g. ``registration``.
A full example can be found at setup-example.py_ and should be copied to
-the parent directory of your app as ````.
+the parent directory of your app as ````. You are then able to create
+an egg file with of this app.
-Building egg-based Django apps
+Creating egg files of reuasable Django apps
Once you have a proper in the parent directory of your Django app,
you can run::

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