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import os
import sys
from optparse import make_option
from import LabelCommand
from django.utils.encoding import smart_str, smart_unicode
from staticfiles import finders
class Command(LabelCommand):
help = "Finds the absolute paths for the given static file(s)."
args = "[file ...]"
label = 'static file'
option_list = LabelCommand.option_list + (
make_option('--first', action='store_false', dest='all', default=True,
help="Only return the first match for each static file."),
def handle_label(self, path, **options):
verbosity = int(options.get('verbosity', 1))
result = finders.find(path, all=options['all'])
path = smart_unicode(path)
if result:
if not isinstance(result, (list, tuple)):
result = [result]
output = u'\n '.join(
(smart_unicode(os.path.realpath(path)) for path in result))
smart_str(u"Found '%s' here:\n %s\n" % (path, output)))
if verbosity >= 1:
smart_str("No matching file found for '%s'.\n" % path))
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