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Dynamic Django settings.
Python Makefile Shell
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Merge pull request #90 from AxiaCore/master

master  Added spanish translation
latest commit fcf8d5763b
@jezdez authored
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.tx Added Transifex config.
constance master Added spanish translation
docs Bumped version to 1.0.1.
example Added example project requirements files.
tests Stop requiring six as a depdendency.
.gitignore Added Sphinx docs. Fixes issue #48.
.travis.yml Increased speed of builds.
AUTHORS Updated changelog, authors and version.
LICENSE Added Sphinx docs. Fixes issue #48. Updated translation, added a English base translation.
README.rst Fix minor cosmetic issue with rST.
setup.cfg Added setup.cfg to make sure the whl file is built for py 2 and 3. Stop requiring six as a depdendency.
tox.ini Don't run py26 tests on Django >= 1.7.


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