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[UNMAINTAINED!!!1!] Design contact forms, search forms etc from the Django admin, without writing any code. Integrates with Django CMS.
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Django Form Designer

A Django app for building many kinds of forms visually, without any programming knowledge.


  • Design contact forms, search forms etc from the Django admin, without writing any code
  • Form data can be logged and CSV-exported, sent via e-mail, or forwarded to any web address
  • Integration with Django CMS: Add forms to any page
  • Use drag & drop to change the position of your form fields
  • Fully collapsible admin interface for better overview over your form
  • Implements many form fields included with Django (TextField, EmailField, DateField etc)
  • Validation rules as supplied by Django are fully configurable (maximum length, regular expression etc)
  • Customizable messages and labels
  • Supports POST and GET forms


This document assumes that you are familiar with Python and Django.

  1. Download and unzip the current release, or install using git as shown below):

    $ git clone git://
    $ cd django-form-designer
  2. Make sure form_designer is on your PYTHONPATH.

  3. Make the directory form_designer/media/form_designer available under your MEDIA_ROOT.
  4. Set up the database tables using

    $ syncdb

  5. Add form_designer to your INSTALLED_APPS setting.

  6. Add the form_designer URLs to your URL conf. For instance, in order to make a form named example-form available under, add the following line to Note: If you are using the form_designer plugin for Django CMS, step 5 is not necessary:

    urlpatterns = patterns('',
        (r'^forms/', include('form_designer.urls')),

Optional requirements

  • The form_designer admin interface requires jQuery and the jQuery UI Sortable plugin to make building forms a lot more user-friendly. The two Javascript files are bundled with form_designer. Optionally, if Django CMS is installed, the files bundled with that app will be used. If you want to use you own jquery.js instead because you're already including it anyway, define JQUERY_JS in your settings file. For instance:

    JQUERY_URL = 'jquery/jquery-latest.js'

Missing features

  • File upload fields should be implemented



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