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  • Added version to Missing Drawer and display it in preferences
  • Added preferences UI for colors (thanks @shell) and the terminal button.


  • Fixed focus sideview shortcut regarding the recent tab select shortcut changes.
  • Limit cell spacing of sidebar again to Xcode-like values.
  • If there is no selection, then the "Terminal Button" opens the terminal with the path of the first item in the sidebar.


  • Target 10.5 SDK
  • Remove NSSplitViewDelegate (10.6 only) dependency
  • Updated split view initialization logic so it works with 10.5


  • Added a "Open Terminal Here" button to the drawer's button panel
  • Fixed the issue of an actual missing drawer when opening a TextMate project (*.tmproj) by double clicking it or a directory by dragging it to the dock icon when TextMate is not running already
  • Added lefty support for toggling the file list to be displayed left or right to edit window


  • The Reveal in Project menu item is working again, thanks to fixes from the community
  • I've decided to remove the fake blue-ish background color again because it not only had poor contrast but also isn't really something like iTunes sidebar but rather a Finder link list view. I hope you enjoy.


  • The drawer is now saved with a minimal width if it's collapsed
  • The Reveal in Project menu item is now disabled since I don't know how to fix it
  • The weird looking background in Tiger is fixed


  • Added missing functionality and modified appearance


  • Initial release
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