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Frankland Lab Website Maintenance

Visit at



  • To build locally, please follow all the steps below.
  • To only work from Github/Netlify, start at Step 3.
  1. macOS, GNU/Linux, Unix (doesn't work as well on Windows, but might work depending on your set-up)
  2. Jekyll Static Pages Generator
    • please follow the instructions carefully to download prerequisites (Ruby, RubyGems, GCC/Make)
    • once you have these working:
      gem install jekyll
  3. A Github Account (it's free!)
  4. Access to the Github repo and
    • see previous administrator to add you
  5. Python 3.4+


Adding Publications Manually

  • See the examples in _data/papers.yml and fill in papers with the appropriate information.
  • all fields except link (for pdfs) or alt_link (for online version link) are required
  • order from most recent to oldest
  • to link a PDF, place the pdf in the _site/pdfs/ folder and link to it in the link: field using the format pdfs/name-of-pdf.pdf

Adding Publications Automatically via Pubmed Search

  • Make sure you have Python 3, then run the following in command line: > pip install biopython
  • Edit the author and user_email variables in the main() function of to match your NCBI author search.
  • When running the first time, please check to make sure that _data/recent_pubmed_ids.txt is empty (just delete whatever is currently there, as this data belongs to a previous websites template and won't apply to your website).
  • Run the following in command line:
> cd website/folder/
> python
> git add _data/*
> git commit -m 'updated publications'
> git push origin master

Changing Members

In the _data/ folder, there are four files, pi.yml, techs.yml, grad_students.yml, and alumni.yml Edit each as appropriate. img_id must match the name of the member photo in the img/ folder (plus file extension, e.g. img_id: paul.png)

Making a new page

Copy the under pages/ to make your new page.
If you use permalink: /title/ tag, the link will be

Making a new post

Copy the under _posts/ to make your new post. Fill in the correct info and you're done, files must be named according to

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