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JF Lab Website Maintenance

CI Update Lab Members

Visit at



  • To build locally, please follow all the steps below.
  • To only work from Github/Netlify, start at Step 3.
  1. macOS, GNU/Linux, Unix (doesn't work as well on Windows, but might work depending on your set-up)
  2. Jekyll Static Pages Generator
    • please follow the instructions carefully to download prerequisites (Ruby, RubyGems, GCC/Make)
    • once you have these working:
      gem install jekyll
  3. A Github Account (it's free!)
  4. Access to the Github repo and
    • see previous administrator to add you
  5. Python 3.6+ (if using 3.4/3.5, you need to remove any f-strings)


Adding Publications Manually

  • See the examples in _data/papers.yml and fill in papers with the appropriate information.
  • all fields except link (for pdfs) or alt_link (for online version link) are required
  • order from most recent to oldest
  • to link a PDF, place the pdf in the _site/pdfs/ folder and link to it in the link: field using the format pdfs/name-of-pdf.pdf

Adding Publications Automatically via Pubmed Search

  • Make sure you have Python 3, then run the following in command line: > pip install biopython
  • Edit the author and user_email variables in the main() function of to match your NCBI author search.
  • When running the first time, please check to make sure that _data/recent_pubmed_ids.txt is empty (just delete whatever is currently there, as this data belongs to a previous websites template and won't apply to your website).
  • Run the following in command line:
> cd website/folder/
> python
> git add _data/*
> git commit -m 'updated publications'
> git push origin master

The main.yml GA Workflow file also automatically checks for new publications and adds them to the website on push to master.

Changing Members

  1. Edit the lab member info google spreadsheet. There is a shared google spreadsheet for lab members to update their own information. Please ask the current site administrator for acess. The website will update the repo data on push to master via GitHub Actions.
  2. Add the member's image file to img/ folder The image filename must match img_id for the member in the spreadsheet (e.g. img_id: paul.png). Images should also be square in dimensions to prevent warping. Common image file types accepted (.jpeg, .png).

Making a new page

Copy the under pages/ to make your new page.
If you use permalink: /title/ tag, the link will be

Making a new post

Copy the under _posts/ to make your new post. Fill in the correct info and you're done, files must be named according to

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