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MapKit for Cappuccino

Please take a look at this demo and this more extensive demo


Copy the MapKit folder to your project’s Frameworks folder and include @import <MapKit/MKMapView.j> in your class/controller/whatever.
Then create your MapView as you would create a normal CPView:

  @implementation AppController : CPObject
      MKMapView   _mapView;

  - (void)applicationDidFinishLaunching:(CPNotification)aNotification
      var theWindow = [[CPWindow alloc] initWithContentRect:CGRectMakeZero() styleMask:CPBorderlessBridgeWindowMask],
          contentView = [theWindow contentView];

      var frameRect = CGRectMake(0,0, CPRectGetWidth([contentView frame]), CPRectGetHeight([contentView frame]));
      _mapView = [[MKMapView alloc] initWithFrame:CGRectMake(0, 0, frameRect.size.width, frameRect.size.height) apiKey:''];
      [_mapView setAutoresizingMask:CPViewHeightSizable | CPViewWidthSizable];
      [_mapView setDelegate:self];
      [contentView addSubview:_mapView];

      [theWindow orderFront:self];

  - (void)mapViewIsReady:(MKMapView)mapView {
      var loc = [[MKLocation alloc] initWithLatitude:51.8978655 andLongitude:-8.4710941];
      var marker = [[MKMarker alloc] initAtLocation:loc];
      [marker addToMapView:_mapView];
      [mapView setCenter:loc];

      //draw line
      var line = [MKPolyline polyline];
      [line addLocation:[MKLocation locationWithLatitude:51.8978655 andLongitude:-8.4710941]];
      [line addLocation:[MKLocation locationWithLatitude:37.775196 andLongitude:-122.419204]];
      [line addToMapView:_mapView];

      //add another marker
      var marker = [[MKMarker alloc] initAtLocation:[MKLocation locationWithLatitude:37.775196 andLongitude:-122.419204]];
      [marker addToMapView:_mapView];


Note the apiKey parameter in MKMapView’s initWithFrame. You’ll need it for your GoogleMaps API key (not necessary if you test it on your local disk).

Also, if you want to use any of the Google datatypes and functions, you need to call var gm = [MKMapView gmNamespace];. They all live in that namespace, so you can do new gm.LatLng();.

If you set the mapView’s delegate, it will look for (and call) the mapViewIsReady: method on your delegate once map has finished loading and initializing.

Have fun!


A Google Maps API abstraction layer written for Cappuccino



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