Converts CSV bank balance reports from Deutsche Bank to a format can use
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Deutsche Bank CSV Converter

I recently signed up at for my invoicing needs as a freelancer. It's a wonderful tool! I was disappointed though when I wanted to import my bank statements. Deutsche Bank offers a CSV export but in a format freeagent doesn't like. So I wrote this little converter script. You need to have the fastercsv gem installed.

It will convert a csv file like this one:

    Umsätze - Kontokorrentkonto (00) ;;;Kundennummer: 111/2222222;;
    01.01.2009; - 02.04.2009;
    Letzter Kontostand;;;;1234,56;EUR
    Gebuchte Umsätze (Vorgemerkte und noch nicht gebuchte Umsätze sind nicht Bestandteil dieser Aufstellung)
    06.01.09;06.01.09;" Test GMBH RG 090101 V. 06.01.2008 SPRINGENWERK CONSULTING";;123,80;EUR
    06.01.09;06.01.09;" Test GMBH RG 090102 V. 06.01.2008 SPRINGENWERK CONSULTING";;1234,80;EUR
    06.01.09;06.01.09;" Some Insurance Company Bill";-123,52;;EUR
    06.01.09;06.01.09;" Taxes transferred to the IRS";-654,12;;EUR
    Kontostand (31.03.2009):;;;;3322,51;EUR

into one that looks like this:

    06/01/2009,123.80," Test GMBH RG 090101 V. 06.01.2008 SPRINGENWERK CONSULTING"
    06/01/2009,1234.80," Test GMBH RG 090102 V. 06.01.2008 SPRINGENWERK CONSULTING"
    06/01/2009,-123.52," Some Insurance Company Bill"
    06/01/2009,-654.12," Taxes transferred to the IRS"

Or it will convert credit card statements like this one:

    VISA 1234 5678 9101 1121 JOHN DOE
    Abrechnungsdatum:  20.03.2009
    07.03.2009;09.03.2009;MALDRON HOTEL DUBLIN 2 ; ; ;;-20,00;EUR;
    11.03.2009;13.03.2009;GITHUB ;USD;-12,00;1,27718;-9,40;EUR;
    11.03.2009;13.03.2009;1,75% / mind. 1,50 Euro A usla ndseinsatzentgelt ; ; ;;-1,50;EUR;
    20.03.2009;20.03.2009;Jahresbeitrag  ; ; ;;-30,00;EUR;
    Summe: ;;;;;;-60,90;EUR

into one that looks like this (by passing the -cc option):

    07/03/2009,-20.00,"MALDRON HOTEL DUBLIN 2"
    11/03/2009,-1.50,"1,75% / mind. 1,50 Euro A usla ndseinsatzentgelt"

Just run it like this:

    ruby dbcsvconvert.rb inputfile.csv outputfile.csv

Or for credit card statements:

    ruby dbcsvconvert.rb -cc inputfile.csv outputfile.csv