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The Numerical Template Toolbox - C++ Scientific Computing Made Easy
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The Numerical Template Toolbox

About NT2

The Numerical Template Toolbox (NT2) is an Open Source C++ library aimed at simplifying the development, debugging and optimization of high-performance computing applications by providing a Matlab like syntax that eases the transition between prototype and actual application.

So What is This About?

Did you ever want to use your multi-core machines to their fullest extent or to take advantage of your processor's SIMD extensions but never did because of the steep learning curve? By pushing the limits of the C++ language, NT2 uses template meta-programming to its fullest and automatizes these tasks. Reaping the reward of parallelism has never been so easy and straightforward. Performance of NT2 code is on the par with hand-written, optimized C code while keeping a high level of abstraction.


The (in progress) documentation is available here



NT2 uses the Boost Software License. A copy should be available in the doc directory of this repository.


Mailing List:nt2-dev
Repository:nt2 on GitHub
IRC:#nt2 at
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