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NKODP - The North Korean Open Data Project

a North Korean international relations data science, analytics and visualization project


with * signifying that on Mac OS, required software will have the following prerequisites:


  1. Clone the project's Github repo locally:

     cd ~/dev
     mkdir nkir
     cd nkir
     git clone https://github.com/jfallisg/nkir.git .
  2. Run make to install project

     make install
  3. MANUALLY enter your Google API key in the file "{YOUR_PROJECT_ROOT/.google_api.key".

  4. (optional) seed data from a backup so you don't have to start data from scratch

     make seed-data
  5. (if testing inputs) start the test input HTTP server to not scrape target kcna.co.jp website.

     make start-test-input-server
  6. (if testing outputs) start the test output HTTP server to display visualization locally at localhost:8871/nk_mention_map.html.

     make start-test-output-server


Collectors are sets of scripts that run as scheduled jobs to repopulate input data. These are run manually or added to a schedular like cron, and invoked with make update.

Reporters are sets of scripts that pull from the NKODP data to create hostable web resources, invoked with make publish.

Currently a run of make publish will invoke a run of make update to make sure all data is updated and available in the srv/public_html directory.

Add this to a scheduler on your server, or run it locally:

make publish

With that simple make command, data processing will occur as in the following:

Collector - KCNA

  1. mirror_kcna.sh runs, mirroring kcna.co.jp locally

  2. queuer_kcna.py runs, reading git commit logs and queueing html articles that have changed or are new

  3. jsonifier_kcna.py runs, creating JSON documents of each article in our MongoDB schema

  4. dbimporter_kcna.py runs, importing our queued JSON documents in to our MongoDB database

Reporter - Map Country Mentions

  1. map_countries_kcna.py runs, which updates our article/country data for our published visualization

  2. html/css/js deployment to web server, along with updated data files for our visualization