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Star Wars Forensics


What is this?

This is my database for all forensic challenges I create. More will be added as I create them.

Star Wars Forensics RELEASE: Winter 2018

alt text

Difficulty: Easy

Set between Rogue One and A New Hope, you are an Imperial Officer who has been handed a Rebel computer that is believed to have the Death Star plans.

Your instructions will be found in the appropriate folder. The Empire is depending on you.

General Guidelines

  • All answers must have a proper explanation
  • Any tool can be used in these challenges
  • Please do not spoil any answers
  • If theres any artifacts that break immersion, please feel free to contact me
  • I hope this doesn't violate any copyrights

Answers Submission

If you wish, please send your completed answers to the following email address with these guidelines:

  • Email:
  • Subject: ChallengeName_YourName_Answers
  • Body: Can be plain text or a document
    • Document Format Example: ChallengeName_YourName_Answers.doc

Pictures and supporting evidence in your reports helps a lot!

I will try to respond with grading your submission as soon as possible

"Winning" the Challenge

If you get all questions correct with supporting evidence on your first try, congratulations!

What do you win??? Absolutely nothing!

If you want to have your name/username displayed on a "Winners" document here, maybe linking your LinkedIn or something, just ask!