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Identify and score different phenotypes observed in sets of movies.


  1. Import a folder or set of movies into NEP. The movies should be in a format openable and viewable in Quicktime.

  2. In the 'Categories' menu, add phenotypes you're looking for, and assign them each a diferent color.

  3. The movies can be given an experimental condition and note to identify the particular movie.

  4. Play the movie.

  5. click on particular features playing in the movie in order to set a tag.

  6. Scores are automatically calulated for each movie and each condition over the set of movies. Scores can then be exported as a CSV file for the set of movies.

=== Features ===

  • movies can be started and stopped using the spacebar. They will automatically return to their starting point upon finishing.
  • Features are identifiable by keyboard shortcut once clicked on - the numerals 1, 2, 3, etc. will select its corresponding feature.


  • Movies must be readable by quicktime.
  • Features and movies cannot be seen at the same time. Press the 'show features' checkbox to hide the movie to reveal scored features.
  • Features are not currently assigned a time-stamp, but just an (x,y) position.
  • If the location of movies are changed, they will not be immediately readable and must be 'refound' by correcting the "Path" variable in the Properties panel for the selected movie.


This software was designed for the Gartner Lab at UCSF by Justin Farlow. The software is free for all to use and modify.