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Zend_Auth adapter for authenticating with Twitter's OAuth service
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This is example code showing the theoretical implementation of an OAuth authentication
adapter for Zend Framework.  There are 2 separate implementations of this adapter.

The first is for ZF 1.x releases.  The other is for the impending ZF 2.0 release.

This code corresponds to the proposal for the Zend_Auth_Adapter_Twitter 

The example code for ZF1 was created using Zend Framework 1.11.  Download this yourself 
and put the Zend/ folder in the library folder.

Also, you will need to rename /example/config.example.php to /example/config.php.

You will need to register your application with  To do so, go to and "Register a new Application".  You will get a 
consumer key and secret, which you will need to put into the config.php file
you just created.  Also, you will need to provide a callback URL.  For this 
example, it is http://{whatever your URL is}/zf[1 or 2]/example/auth.php.

For questions, contact Jason Austin at jfaustin at gmail dot com. 

Jason Austin
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