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Commits on Mar 16, 2012
  1. @btm

    Merge branch 'CHEF-2844'

    btm committed
  2. @WP @btm

    fix whitespace

    WP committed with btm
  3. @WP @btm
  4. @WP @btm

    add spec test for String#ord monkey-patch

    WP committed with btm
  5. @btm

    Merge branch 'CHEF-2704'

    btm committed
  6. @stevendanna @btm
  7. @btm

    Merge branch 'CHEF-1202'

    btm committed
  8. @akzhan @btm

    [CHEF-1202-regression-0.10.6.beta] Review of Chef 0.10.6.beta for une…

    akzhan committed with btm
    …scaped regexp matches.
  9. @lamont-granquist @btm

    CHEF-2689: missing spec test

    lamont-granquist committed with btm
  10. @lamont-granquist @btm
  11. @mdkent @btm

    CHEF-2818: Cleanup DeepMerge by

    mdkent committed with btm
    * Disabling knockout_prefix usage for non role merges as they don't work
      properly (CHEF-2737).
    * Enable knockout_prefix for inherited role merges only. Preserving the
      existing working behaviour for now. This will likely go away in the
    * Duplicate source and dest prior to the merge rather than modifying in
      place which is difficult to debug with nested arrays and mashes. Less
      chance of future bugs.
    * In addition to "!merge:" to knockout an entire array, support the less
      awkward "!merge" variant.
    * Big spec rewrite to test with !merge and account for these changes.
  12. @mdkent @btm
  13. @mdkent @btm
  14. @mdkent @btm

    CHEF-2716: Don't compare nil versions, use the parent logic. Add missing

    mdkent committed with btm
    specs for the action_upgrade workaround.
  15. @mdkent @btm
  16. @btm

    CHEF-2443 - gem version numbers are messy

    Thom May committed with btm
    Now we only provide a version string to our alternative gem binary if
    we're actually provided with one. This allows gem_package#action_upgrade
    to work in the case where no version is specified.
  17. @btm

    Merge branch 'CHEF-1902'

    btm committed
  18. @btm

    Patch for #CHEF-1902 -- rescue error when erubis error has no line nu…

    Philip (flip) Kromer committed with btm
    If erubis isn't sure what line caused the error, then `line_number` is nil; this makes the rescue block fails with its own error and sadness follows confusion. Made `source_listing` dump all lines in this case -- it's probably an omitted 'end' or other full-template error
  19. @jtimberman @btm
  20. @jkeiser
  21. @jkeiser
  22. @jkeiser
  23. @jkeiser
  24. @jkeiser
  25. @jkeiser
  26. @jkeiser
  27. @jkeiser
  28. @jkeiser
  29. @jkeiser
  30. @jkeiser
  31. @jkeiser
  32. @jkeiser

    Use privileges to set owner; add owner tests

    jkeiser committed
    User was unable to set owner to anything other than themselves.
    This allows users with Administrator privileges (i.e. an Administrator
    command prompt or the Administrator user) to set the owner of a
    file to anything.  It also fixes a bug where we did not properly
    propagate the error when setting security info failed.
  33. @jkeiser
  34. @jkeiser

    Fix Windows permissions to be more like the dialog

    jkeiser committed
    - Make permissions :full_control, :modify, :read, :read_execute, :modify
    - Support integer permissions
    - Add deny_rights
    - Make deny_rights order independent
    - Fix default value for applies_to_children
  35. @mmzyk @jkeiser

    Fix bug in remote directory where a hash was expected when an array w…

    mmzyk committed with jkeiser
    …as provided; affected windows only
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