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πŸ”— The ultimate Sublime Text 3 plugin for opening URIs (URLs) in your file.
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Finally! A performant and highly customizable URI-opening plugin comes.


OpenUri is a Sublime Text 3 plugin which provides an easy access to URIs (mostly URLs) in a file by clicking on a phantom, the popup or key/mouse bindings.

Bug fix for PhantomSet

The PhantomSet implementation before ST 3209 (not released yet) is buggy. You can fix it by overwriting it with a patched Remember, backup before patching it.

  • On Windows: C:\Program Files\Sublime Text 3\
  • On Linux: /opt/sublime_text/
  • On Mac OSX: /Applications/Sublime



This plugin is available on Package Control by the name of OpenUri.

Note that this plugin only supports ST >= 3118 because of Phantom API.

πŸ’‘ You may also be interested in my other plugins:


To edit settings, go to Preferences Β» Package Settings Β» OpenUri Β» Settings.

I try to make the settings file self-explanatory. But if you still have questions, feel free to open an issue.

Default Bindings

Key Binding

  • Alt + o, Alt + u: Open URIs from (multiple) cursors. o, u is mnemonic for Open, URI.

Mouse Binding

  • Ctrl + Right Click: Open the clicked URI. (open_uri_from_cursors)

You may also add a mouse binding for select_uri_from_cursors. There are just too few modifier keys to be chosen so I am not adding a default one for it.

How to disable default bindings?

If you do not want those default key/mouse bindings, you can use an empty one to overwrite them. Or if you want to change them, you can use a non-empty one.

Here I take the default mouse binding as an example.

  1. Go to Preferences Β» Browser Packages....
  2. Create file OpenUri/bindings/Default.sublime-mousemap (and its parent directories if necessary).
  3. Fill Default.sublime-mousemap with []. Then this Default.sublime-mousemap will overwrite this plugin's.


These commands are always available no matter what show_open_button is or how large the file is.

Command Functionality
open_uri_from_cursors Open URIs from cursors
open_uri_from_view Open URIs from the current view
select_uri_from_cursors Select URIs from cursors
select_uri_from_view Select URIs from the current view
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