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// this value is used to indicate the version of the current settings file format.
"@version": 0,
// how detailed log messages should be?
// values can be
// - "NOTHING" (do not show anything)
// - "CRITICAL" (something makes plugin not workable)
// - "ERROR" (something is wrong)
// - "WARNING" (something may be wrong)
// - "INFO" (those that users may interest in)
// - "DEBUG" (for developer)
// - "DEBUG_LOW" (for developer, even more detailed than DEBUG)
"log_level": "INFO",
// disabled this plugin if the file size is larger than the given one
"disable_if_file_larger_than": 800000, // 800KB
// the period (in millisecond) that consecutive modifications are treated as typing
// phantoms will be updated only when the user is not considered typing
"typing_period": 250,
// the interval (in millisecond) for checking whether to render the current view
// 500 means the background thread will check the current view should be re-rendered or not, every 500ms
"renderer_interval": 500,
// chars that should be detected
// you may find the unicode code point of a char on
"find_char_regex_ranges": {
// zero-width chars
"zero-width": {
"enabled": true,
"chars": [
"\\u00AD", // Soft Hyphen
"\\u3164", // Hangul Filler
"\\uFEFF", // Zero Width No-Break Space
// dodgy single-ish spaces
"spaces": {
"enabled": false,
"chars": [
"\\u00A0", // No-Break Space
"\\u202F", // Narrow No-Break Space
"\\u205F", // Medium Mathematical Space
"\\u2800", // Braille Pattern Blank
"\\u3000", // CJK full-width space
// you may add your own rules below...
// the CSS used for the phantom
"phantom_css": ".desc { color: var(--background); background-color: var(--foreground); line-height: 1em; font-size: 0.9em; padding: 0px 2px; }",
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