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Version 1.0
- (general) Now supports new Websocket protocol (v76)
- (client) Fixed audio problem that prevented Chrome from playing sounds.
- (client) Fixed performance issue in Chrome (removed background image)
Version 0.9
- (general) New, more realistic, collision system in place (thanks lahjnus)
- (general) Improved network protocol
- (general) Server commands implemented (via client)
- (general) Powerups introduced (currently three kinds, spread fire, rapid fire and ricochet bullets)
- (general) Custom maps introduced
- (client) Experimental audio support implemented (using HTML5), with custom designed sound (Thanks EmanueI)
- (client) New HUD in place
- (client) Chat/command dialog implemented. Activate with ENTER
- (client) Option dialog at startup
- (client) Scoreboard implemented (activate by holding down 's')
Version 0.8
- (general) New game engine, is faster and more reliable.
- (general) New, more slim, network protocol. Game runs smoother on low-band
- (game) minor tweeks to game rules.
- (game) more realistic bullets (they are boosted with ships velocity)
- (client) Network interpolation is now active.
- (client) Animations is in place.
- (client) Improved HUD.
Version 0.6
- (game) Implement game rules. The winner is a player that reaches the round
limit. The round limit is decided by server owner (use the
--r_round_limit switch to change value).
- (server) Added switches: --r_round_limit, --r_round_rs_time,
--r_penelty_score and --r_kill_score.
- (client) Optimized the HUD message
Version 0.5.2
- (game) Better Bullet physics
- (game) Bug: Bounding boxes is now correct.
- (client) Added a netstat module. Activate by entering
"wpilot.options.show_netstat = true" in the javascript console.
- (client) Names under opponent ships
- (client) Controls are now customizable from the console. Type:
"wpilot.options.bindings[ACTION] = KEYCODE" to change.
- (server) Bug: Fixed server-crash caused by malformed client message.
- (server) Update rate is now customizable (will make as much bandwidth