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mic Means Image Creator for Linux distributions

Date: 2012-03-02
Copyright: GPLv2
Version: 0.1
Manual section:1
Manual group:System


mic create SUBCOMMAND <ksfile> [OPTION]
mic chroot [OPTION] <imgfile>
mic convert [OPTION] <imgfile> <format>


The tools mic is used to create and manipulate images for Linux distributions. It is composed of three subcommand: create, convert, chroot.



This command is used to create various images, including live CD, live USB, loop, raw.


mic create(cr) SUBCOMMAND <ksfile> [OPTION]


help(?) give detailed help on a specific sub-command
fs create fs image, which is also chroot directory
livecd create live CD image, used for CD booting
liveusb create live USB image, used for USB booting
loop create loop image, including multi-partitions
raw create raw image, containing multi-partitions


-h, --help show the help message
 specify the path of logfile, save the output to logfile LOGFILE
-c CONFIG, --config=CONFIG
 specify configure file for mic, default is /etc/mic/mic.conf
-k CACHEDIR, --cachedir=CACHEDIR
 cache directory used to store the downloaded files and packages
-o OUTDIR, --outdir=OUTDIR
 directory used to locate the output image and files
-A ARCH, --arch=ARCH
 specify repo architecture, genarally mic would detect the architecture, if existed more than one architecture, mic would give hint to you
 specify the path for local rpm packages, which would be stored your own rpm packages
 specify backend package mananger, currently yum and zypp available
 record the info of installed packages, multiple values can be specified which joined by ",", valid values: "name", "content", "license"
--copy-kernel Copy kernel files from image /boot directory to the image output directory.
 Sets the disk image compression. NOTE: The available values might depend on the used filesystem type.
--release=RID Generate a release of RID with all necessary files, when @BUILD_ID@ is contained in kickstart file, it will be replaced by RID. sample values: "latest", "tizen_20120101.1"


mic create loop tizen.ks
mic create livecd tizen.ks --release=latest
mic cr fs tizen.ks --local-pkgs-path=localrpm


This command is used to chroot inside the image, it's a great enhancement of chroot command in linux system.


mic chroot(ch) <imgfile>


-h, --help show the help message
-s SAVETO, --saveto=SAVETO
 save the unpacked image to specified directory SAVETO


mic chroot loop.img
mic chroot tizen.iso
mic ch -s tizenfs tizen.usbimg


This command is used for converting an image to another format.


mic convert(cv) <imagefile> <destformat>


-h, --help show the help message
-S, --shell launch interactive shell before packing the new image in the converting


mic convert tizen.iso liveusb
mic convert tizen.usbimg livecd
mic cv --shell tizen.iso liveusb


Bug of latest syslinux package

In some new Linux distributions, the "syslinux" package in their official software repositories is the version 4.04. It will cause segment fault for a fatal bug, and mic will failed with syslinux installation errors.

The solution is to install the patched "syslinux" package in MeeGo or Tizen's tools repos, until the official released one being fixed.

Failed to create btrfs image in openSUSE

When creating btrfs image in openSUSE, it would hang up with showing image kernel panic. This issue impact all openSUSE distributions: 12.1, 11.4, 11.3, etc


The source code is tracked in

Please report issues for bugs or feature requests.

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