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import math
class GeoLocation:
Class representing a coordinate on a sphere, most likely Earth.
This class is based from the code smaple in this paper:
The owner of that website, Jan Philip Matuschek, is the full owner of
his intellectual property. This class is simply a Python port of his very
useful Java code. All code written by Jan Philip Matuschek and ported by me
(which is all of this class) is owned by Jan Philip Matuschek.
MIN_LAT = math.radians(-90)
MAX_LAT = math.radians(90)
MIN_LON = math.radians(-180)
MAX_LON = math.radians(180)
EARTH_RADIUS = 6378.1 # kilometers
def from_degrees(cls, deg_lat, deg_lon):
rad_lat = math.radians(deg_lat)
rad_lon = math.radians(deg_lon)
return GeoLocation(rad_lat, rad_lon, deg_lat, deg_lon)
def from_radians(cls, rad_lat, rad_lon):
deg_lat = math.degrees(rad_lat)
deg_lon = math.degrees(rad_lon)
return GeoLocation(rad_lat, rad_lon, deg_lat, deg_lon)
def __init__(
self.rad_lat = float(rad_lat)
self.rad_lon = float(rad_lon)
self.deg_lat = float(deg_lat)
self.deg_lon = float(deg_lon)
def __str__(self):
degree_sign= u'\N{DEGREE SIGN}'
return ("({0:.4f}deg, {1:.4f}deg) = ({2:.6f}rad, {3:.6f}rad)").format(
self.deg_lat, self.deg_lon, self.rad_lat, self.rad_lon)
def _check_bounds(self):
if (self.rad_lat < GeoLocation.MIN_LAT
or self.rad_lat > GeoLocation.MAX_LAT
or self.rad_lon < GeoLocation.MIN_LON
or self.rad_lon > GeoLocation.MAX_LON):
raise Exception("Illegal arguments")
def distance_to(self, other, radius=EARTH_RADIUS):
Computes the great circle distance between this GeoLocation instance
and the other.
return radius * math.acos(
math.sin(self.rad_lat) * math.sin(other.rad_lat) +
math.cos(self.rad_lat) *
math.cos(other.rad_lat) *
math.cos(self.rad_lon - other.rad_lon)
def bounding_locations(self, distance, radius=EARTH_RADIUS):
Computes the bounding coordinates of all points on the surface
of a sphere that has a great circle distance to the point represented
by this GeoLocation instance that is less or equal to the distance argument.
distance - the distance from the point represented by this GeoLocation
instance. Must be measured in the same unit as the radius
argument (which is kilometers by default)
radius - the radius of the sphere. defaults to Earth's radius.
Returns a list of two GeoLoations - the SW corner and the NE corner - that
represents the bounding box.
if radius < 0 or distance < 0:
raise Exception("Illegal arguments")
# angular distance in radians on a great circle
rad_dist = distance / radius
min_lat = self.rad_lat - rad_dist
max_lat = self.rad_lat + rad_dist
if min_lat > GeoLocation.MIN_LAT and max_lat < GeoLocation.MAX_LAT:
delta_lon = math.asin(math.sin(rad_dist) / math.cos(self.rad_lat))
min_lon = self.rad_lon - delta_lon
if min_lon < GeoLocation.MIN_LON:
min_lon += 2 * math.pi
max_lon = self.rad_lon + delta_lon
if max_lon > GeoLocation.MAX_LON:
max_lon -= 2 * math.pi
# a pole is within the distance
min_lat = max(min_lat, GeoLocation.MIN_LAT)
max_lat = min(max_lat, GeoLocation.MAX_LAT)
min_lon = GeoLocation.MIN_LON
max_lon = GeoLocation.MAX_LON
return [ GeoLocation.from_radians(min_lat, min_lon) ,
GeoLocation.from_radians(max_lat, max_lon) ]
if __name__ == '__main__':
# Test degree to radian conversion
loc1 = GeoLocation.from_degrees(26.062951, -80.238853)
loc2 = GeoLocation.from_radians(loc1.rad_lat, loc1.rad_lon)
assert (loc1.rad_lat == loc2.rad_lat and loc1.rad_lon == loc2.rad_lon
and loc1.deg_lat == loc2.deg_lat and loc1.deg_lon == loc2.deg_lon)
# Test distance between two locations
loc1 = GeoLocation.from_degrees(26.062951, -80.238853)
loc2 = GeoLocation.from_degrees(26.060484,-80.207268)
assert loc1.distance_to(loc2) == loc2.distance_to(loc1)
# Test bounding box
loc = GeoLocation.from_degrees(26.062951, -80.238853)
distance = 1 # 1 kilometer
SW_loc, NE_loc = loc.bounding_locations(distance)
print loc.distance_to(SW_loc)
print loc.distance_to(NE_loc)