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alfthomas commented Jan 1, 2013

This pull request is an example of Maven support for SlidingMenu which can serve as a starting point for a discussion on Maven support. There are several challenges supporting Maven for SlidingMenu:

  • You will need to release/tag stable versions of the library. Preferrably in Sonatype OSS repository ( in order for people to easily start using the library.
  • The maps dependency in the library is not available from any public repository. Building and using the library will require users to deploy the maps artifact to their own private Maven repository. This can be done using
  • Because library projects are included and rebuilt inside the projects that include them all projects using the SlidingMenu library will have a dependency to Maps API and ActionBarSherlock. This isn't really good because people will have to include it with their apps even though they're not using those libraries. This may be possible to work around by moving the library code that is dependent on Maps API and ActionBarSherlock into separate modules. Users would only depend on the core library if they don't need ActionBarSherlock or Maps. A proposed project structure:


Quasaur commented Jan 2, 2013

I read on that the use of MapActivity is now unnecessary; Activity now has whatever you were looking to MapActivity for.


alfthomas commented Jan 2, 2013

Yes, if using the new Maps API bundled with Play Services Framework. If using that you don't really need any Maps-specific code in SlidingMenu afaik.

ankushg commented Jan 6, 2013

+1, maven support is the one thing I need

@jfeinstein10 what's your opinion on this?


jfeinstein10 commented Jan 8, 2013

I'd really appreciate it if you could remove ActionBarSherlock from the pom file. In practice, it's bad to release a library that depends on another library. Other than that, I'll definitely merge it!

I agree with @alfthomas that there should be some kind of core slidingmenu package so we can support the base android activities, the base sherlock activities or the roboguice activities. I might have time to work on a generic solution tomorrow.

@alfthomas alfthomas Moved ActionBarSherlock and Maps support into separate jar libraries …
…in order for users of the slidingmenu-core library to choose which features they need themselves.

alfthomas commented Jan 8, 2013

I just refactored this into separate modules now.

  • slidingmenu-core can be used in apps without including ABS or Maps
  • If you need ABS and Maps you have to depend on slidingmenu-maps-support and slidingmenu-abs-support as well. See example project
  • The new SlidingSherlockFragmentActivity in slidingmenu-abs-support is identical to the SlidingFragmentActivity in slidingmenu-core except it inherits SherlockFragmentActivity.
  • I don't have a working Eclipse setup, and I haven't touched the .classpath files. I guess they need some love to work properly in Eclipse
  • IntelliJ IDEA (12.0.1) seems to have a bug where it will put the slidingmenu-core dependency twice on the classpath of the example project. This leads to errors when DEXing. Workaround is to remove the "Maven: ATTACHED-JAR" dependency from the example module in "Project Structure" after (re-)importing from Maven. Build works just fine on the command line.

Hopefully this was what you were looking for @jfeinstein10 and @benoitdion

That looks good. It should make it easy to extend to support roboguice or event roboguice-sherlock.

@jfeinstein10 when/if you accept this pull request, could you also release an initial version of the library to sonatype?

Can't comment on the .classpath files as I am an IntelliJ user too.

ankushg commented Jan 11, 2013

@jfeinstein10: any update on accepting the pull request?


alfthomas commented Jan 11, 2013

Keep in mind there is still some work remaining for @jfeinstein10 registering and setting up for deployment to the Sonatype OSS repository.

They have a pretty good guide for it up at and you can have a look at the ActionBarSherlock repo to see a project with similar structure is using the Sonatype repo to handle release and deployment.

ankushg commented Jan 11, 2013

This is true, but the pull request is updated, we can still clone it locally and mvn clean install it to add it to our local repository for the time being right?


alfthomas commented Jan 12, 2013

Yes, @unkzdomain that will install it locally and you could also deploy it to a company Maven proxy like Sonatype Nexus if you're using one, making it available to other developers, build servers etc. in your company using the same proxy without having to install it manually to every local repository.

However, at the time there are no tags in the SlidingMenu repo so there really doesn't exist any specific versions of SlidingMenu to build. You just build from the master branch and make up a version number. This can be confusing when trying to figure out if a specific issue is fixed in the version you're using or not.

ankushg commented Jan 16, 2013

@alfthomas - when I try to do a mvn clean install in the root directory, it complains that it Could not find artifact in central ( -- but I only need ABS support, not Maps. Is there a way I can skip the SlidingMenu Maps Support part?

@jfeinstein10 - Is there any reason this hasn't been merged and added to SonaType yet?


jfeinstein10 commented Jan 16, 2013

Because I don't know what SonaType is? I thought everybody put their stuff on Maven Central.
I don't really use Maven, but if somebody could guide me a little more, that'd be great.

ankushg commented Jan 16, 2013

The Sonatype OSS Repository is a repository provided by Sonatype for any open-source project that wants to get its artifacts into Central. Once you confirm that everything is good with Sonatype, they'll let you sync to Central automatically.

I don't really have any experience with setting up a project to sync with Sonatype other than reading the link that @alfthomas posted, so you might need to ask him for more help if you need it.


donnfelker commented Jan 19, 2013

+1 - This is key to have this implemented. I may create a slidingmenusherlock lib once its done. That way we can just include both in a POM and presto, actionbar and sliding menu all through pom inclusion.


alfthomas commented Jan 20, 2013

@unkzdomain The error about the maps artifact is because it is not available in any public repositories. If you don't need maps support you could open the parent pom.xml and remove library-maps-support from the list of modules before building. If you need it, the easiest way to deploy it is using

@jfeinstein10 The Sonatype OSS repository allows syncing to Maven Central. I've not used it myself, but the guide at looks very detailed. I know ActionBarSherlock uses this repository.


atermenji commented Jan 29, 2013

+1 to this issue

gbero commented Jan 29, 2013

Would also be interrested in seeing this project and also the slidingmenusherlocklib available in maven central :)

dziobas commented Jan 29, 2013




jtrosby commented Feb 6, 2013



alfthomas commented Feb 26, 2013

@jfeinstein10, any chance you will consider parts of this if I create a new pull request based on the current master?

I understand why you pulled the simpler pull request, but as long as the library directly depends on ABS one is basically screwed if not wanting to use ABS, i.e. don't care about pre-ICS. I don't know which platforms other people are developing their Android apps for, but going forward we no longer care about pre-ICS as we see around 85% of user sessions from ICS+ nowadays.

Also, master is not currently building the example project with Maven.

+1 to alfthomas' post.

I don't use maven but I agree with alfthomas that relying on providing support for pre-ics is becoming a lot less of an issue. In our app we made a early decision to forsake pre-ICS devices in favor of being able to take advantage of all of the features of the newer versions. In my case it easy to remove the need for the compatibility library and such (except after the pointer fix) but again, I don't use maven.


alfthomas commented Feb 26, 2013

Yeah, and I'm not saying SlidingMenu should drop support for ABS, but it should really be optional. :)


jfeinstein10 commented Feb 27, 2013

@alfthomas yeah, I would definitely consider pulling it. Again, I don't want this library to depend on ABS of course :)


alfthomas commented Mar 2, 2013

Closing this now because it is out of date.

alfthomas closed this Mar 2, 2013

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