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PlantUML Class Diagram Generator for golang projects
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PlantUML Class Diagram Generator for golang projects. Generates class diagram text compatible with plantuml with the information of all structures and interfaces as well as the relationship among them.


golang 1.10 or above


go get
go get
cd $GOPATH/src/
go install ./...

This will install the command goplantuml in your GOPATH bin folder.


goplantuml [-recursive] path/to/gofiles
goplantuml [-recursive] path/to/gofiles > diagram_file_name.puml


goplantuml $GOPATH/src/
// echoes

namespace parser {
    class Struct {
        + Functions []*Function
        + Fields []*Parameter
        + Type string
        + Composition []string
        + Extends []string

    class LineStringBuilder {
        + WriteLineWithDepth(depth int, str string) 

    class ClassParser {
        - structure <font color=blue>map</font>[string]<font color=blue>map</font>[string]*Struct
        - currentPackageName string
        - allInterfaces <font color=blue>map</font>[string]<font color=blue>struct</font>{}
        - allStructs <font color=blue>map</font>[string]<font color=blue>struct</font>{}

        - structImplementsInterface(st *Struct, inter *Struct) 
        - parsePackage(node ast.Node) 
        - parseFileDeclarations(node ast.Decl) 
        - addMethodToStruct(s *Struct, method *ast.Field) 
        - getFunction(f *ast.FuncType, name string) 
        - addFieldToStruct(s *Struct, field *ast.Field) 
        - addToComposition(s *Struct, fType string) 
        - addToExtends(s *Struct, fType string) 
        - getOrCreateStruct(name string) 
        - getStruct(structName string) 
        - getFieldType(exp ast.Expr, includePackageName bool) 

        + Render() 

    class Parameter {
        + Name string
        + Type string

    class Function {
        + Name string
        + Parameters []*Parameter
        + ReturnValues []string

strings.Builder *-- parser.LineStringBuilder

goplantuml $GOPATH/src/ > ClassDiagram.puml
// Generates a file ClassDiagram.plum with the previous specifications

There are two different relationships considered in goplantuml:

  • Interface implementation
  • Type Composition

The following example contains interface implementations and composition. Notice how the signature of the functions

package testingsupport

//MyInterface only has one method, notice the signature return value
type MyInterface interface {
	foo() bool

//MyStruct1 will implement the foo() bool function so it will have an "extends" association with MyInterface
type MyStruct1 struct {

func (s1 *MyStruct1) foo() bool {
	return true

//MyStruct2 will be direclty composed of MyStruct1 so it will have a composition relationship with it
type MyStruct2 struct {

//MyStruct3 will have a foo() function but the return value is not a bool, so it will not have any relationship with MyInterface
type MyStruct3 struct {

func (s3 *MyStruct3) foo() {


This will be generated from the previous code

namespace testingsupport {
    interface MyInterface  {
        - foo() bool

    class MyStruct1 << (S,Aquamarine) >> {
        - foo() bool

    class MyStruct2 << (S,Aquamarine) >> {
    class MyStruct3 << (S,Aquamarine) >> {
        - foo() 

testingsupport.MyStruct1 *-- testingsupport.MyStruct2

testingsupport.MyInterface <|-- testingsupport.MyStruct1


alt text

The following diagram is generated based on the file in

Alt text

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