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1 parent 04a7bd3 commit 91f491ac30c657244b7c1e1ed671dbf2acf0c970 @jferris committed Jan 13, 2011
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@@ -1,12 +1,13 @@
alias migrate="rake db:migrate db:test:prepare"
alias remigrate="rake db:migrate && rake db:migrate:redo && rake db:schema:dump db:test:prepare"
alias remongrate="rake mongoid:migrate && rake mongoid:migrate:redo"
-alias gadd="git add -u && git add . && git status"
alias svnprecommit="git svn rebase && rake features && rake test"
alias hgprecommit="hg pull && rake features && rake test"
alias g="git"
alias tu="ruby_test unit"
alias tf="ruby_test functional"
+alias s="bundle exec rspec"
+alias cuc="bundle exec cucumber"
alias sm="ruby_spec models"
alias sc="ruby_spec controllers"
alias ti="ruby_test integration"
@@ -17,3 +18,10 @@ alias gi="gem install"
alias giv="gem install -v"
alias gci="git pull --rebase && rake && git push"
alias tlf="tail -f"
+alias eydeploy="ey deploy -e \${\$(pwd):t}_staging"
+alias eypending="git log \$(ey ssh \"cat /data/\${\$(pwd):t}/current/REVISION\" -e \${\$(pwd):t}_production)..origin/master"
+alias hdeploy="git push staging master && heroku rake db:migrate --app \${\$(pwd):t}-staging"
+alias hconsole="heroku console --app \${\$(pwd):t}-staging"
+alias b="bundle"
+alias be="bundle exec"

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