Async generators helpers to do great things on Node with streams
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Async Generators Helpers for Node.js

Read about me on Medium.

$ npm install --save agh
const agh = require('agh');

Let's see how to use the asyncGeneratorsFactory to transform a function into an async generator:

const { asyncGeneratorsFactory } = require('agh');

// filter function
const onlyOddPlease = function (n) {
    // assuming that 'n' is a number
    if (n % 2) return n;

// transform function
const plusOne = function (n) {
   return n + 1;

const onlyOddPleaseGen = asyncGeneratorsFactory(onlyOddPlease);
const plusOneGen = asyncGeneratorsFactory(plusOne);

You can see that filter functions must return undefined only when a chunk has to be discarded. Normal transform functions must always return a value. Composition functions are not yet supported, but I'm working on them.

Let's see how to pipe the generators for handle streams (Node.js)

const { pipe } = require('agh');

(async function IIAFE() {
    // pipe(inputStream, outputStream [, ...asyncGenerators]);
    // it returns the outputStream
    await pipe(inputStream, outputStream, onlyOddPleaseGen, plusOneGen);

Contact me

Feel free to contact me on twitter: