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import as nt
from protocol.lut import Lut
def test_lut_lambda():
# make a lookup table, register a random-ass function, get it back and
# make sure it works.
lut = Lut()
key = lut.register(lambda x: x+1)
fxn = lut.lookup(key)
nt.assert_equal(fxn(1), 2)
nt.assert_equal(fxn(2), 3)
def test_lut_method():
# make a lut, register a method and make sure you can get it *by name*.
class Test(object):
def ping(self, cb):
test = Test()
lut = Lut()
key = lut.register(
nt.assert_equal(key, 'ping')
fxn = lut.lookup(key)
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