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lolcode with some extra math functions, cause I neededs them.
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                          lolcode with math extensions
                 An efficient LOLCODE interpreter written in C.


    Original Dude: Justin J. Meza < >
    Math-Addin' Dude: Joshua Holbrook < >


    This version of lolcode supports nearly all of the functionality described
    in the LOLCODE Version 1.2 language specification and some of the Version
    1.3 proposals.  For more information, see < >
    and < > .

    What's more, this particular fork of Justin Meza's lolcode interpreter supports
    a few functions from math.h! The list includes:

    log() --> LOLG
    pow() --> POWR
    sin() --> SIEN
    cos() --> COSIEN
    tan() --> TANGINT

    It'd be nice to add pi, e and the inverse trig functions, but it hasn't happened yet.

    To get started, just run ``make'' in this directory.  This will generate a
    binary file called ``lolcode''.

    If you just run the binary file (``./lolcode'') you'll notice that it just
    hangs at the prompt -- that's because it's in interpreter mode, waiting for
    you to start typing!

    lolcode can interpret files from standard input or from a file.  For
    example, running ``./lolcode -f'' will interpret the LOLCODE file
    ``''.  You can also pipe output to lolcode, as in ``cat |
    ./lolcode'' if this suits your need.

    If you really want to get fancy, you can make a script file that gets
    interpreted whenever it is run.  The first line of the script should be
    ``#!/path/to/lolcode'' (of course, replacing ``/path/to'' with the actual
    path).  After that, code away in LOLCODE.  When you're ready to run the file
    as a script, be sure to do a ``chmod +x'' and then you're all set
    to ``./'' and it will be interpreted just like any old script.


    There are still a lot of TODO items, but I've released the source with the
    intent that others will use the lolcode interpreter as I continue to refine
    its behavior.

    The following features of the 1.2 specification still need implementation:

      - Unicode support.

    The following features from the work in progress on the 1.3 proposals still
    need implementation:

      - BUKKITs need to be updated when parent objects add members.

    If you really miss any features, feel free to hack away at the source and
    contribute to the project!
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