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[ "Install npm", "<pre>curl | [sudo] sh</pre>" ],
[ "Install jitsu", "<pre>[sudo] npm install npm -g\n[sudo] npm install jitsu -g</pre>"],
[ "Sign up for Nodejitsu", "<pre>jitsu signup</pre>" ],
[ "Log into Nodejitsu", "<pre>jitsu login</pre>" ],
[ "Deploy an app", "<pre>jitsu deploy</pre>" ],
[ "Create a new application on Nodejitsu", "<pre>jitsu create</pre>" ],
[ "Requisition a database", "<pre>jitsu databases create</pre>" ],
[ "List all applications", "<pre>jitsu list</pre>" ],
[ "Reset my forgotten password", "<pre>jitsu users forgot :username</pre>" ],
[ "View logs your application outputs", "<pre>jitsu logs app :appname</pre>" ],
[ "Get an item on the cheatsheet", "See <a href=''>the project on github</a>."]
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