A vector, matrix and geometry math library for JavaScript
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What's this?

It's a pure javascript library for vector and matrix math!

What's this fork about?

All I did was add generation of a commonjs module---that is, one which should work in node.js, like so:

node> var m = require('./sylvester-common');
node> var a= m.$M([[1,2],[3,4]]);
node> var x=m.$V([1,1]);
node> a.multiply(x)
[3, 7]


Does this mean I can write numerical methods in javascript now?

Sort of. Well, the short answer is:


The long answer is:

yes, but it's in pure javascript, which is bound to be slow for large problems, meaning that if performance is a concern then you should use something else (I recommend numpy) for simple matrix math. On the other hand, if you want something you can use in a web browser, or you want to use node.js and aren't worried about hardware-intensive calculating, then maybe Sylvester is for you!

Who originally wrote it?

This guy. He seems to mostly rock client-side javascript with a healthy serving of ruby, but there's a lot of neat stuff in this repo! Check it out!