My home ~/texmf folder, which so far contains macros written by me.
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texmf -- custom collection of latex libs


  • bargar is a style used for homework by the eponymous professor at my alma mater. (He was very strict about it.) This is the only one I wrote.
  • gcard is a style for making greeting cards.
  • ifplatform is for detecting compilation platform.
  • minted is a really good-looking text hilighting system built around pygments.


Clone this repo into a place where latex's search paths are looking. In linux this probably means ~/texmf, but on OSX it's ~/Library/texmf.

Rebuilding the index:

Every time you make a change, you have to rebuild the index. You can do it with either:

  • texhash
  • mktexlsr

which are literally the same thing.