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Zoltun Kulle

Zoltun Kulle is 2 parts: An irc bot, and a web page. The irc bot monitors channels for image links (ending in .jpg, .png or .gif) and indexes them into elasticsearch (along with channel, user and original message). The web page allows for pagination of the images. In short, all image links in your irc channel get indexed into a cool web page!

Unfortunately, I don't have a demo up. It turns out I didn't want to take the responsibility of hosting such a bot given I have no control over what gets linked in a given channel. Of course, if you don't care about hosting porn links, then running this will be a lot of fun.

Y'know, except that the documentation is lacking. But the source itself is small.

irc bot

Zoltun Kulle's core is an irc bot written in java using pircbot.

You can build it by cd-ing into ./bot and running mvn package. Then run the executable jar like:

$ java -jar ./zoltun.jar --config ./config.json

An example config is included. If you're running this on a mac and installed elasticsearch with homebrew, you will need to change the cluster name.

web site

A web site for viewing and paginating through the image index is written in php.

Configuration is in ./site/config.php. You can run it in development by going into ./site/public and running php -S localhost:8080.