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Functional Programming Advocate @ WorksHub- helping the Functional Programming Community find jobs at tech-first companies utilizing the #FP Paradym

WorksHub, link to job board below NYC, NY

Matheus mths0x5f
Computer Science student; Humble worker; Proud of my history.

UFU, Algar Telecom Uberlândia

Bhasker Surnida bsurnida

Oracle Corporation Redwood Shored, San Francisco, CA.

豆比 dbxiaoGit
a Funny man

null ShangHai

Carlos Toxtli toxtli
Senior Bot developer and Machine Learning Engineer, GitHub Campus Expert, Researcher, Interested in AI/ML/DL/RL, Bots, VR/AR/MR, Crowdsourcing, Blockchain, etc.

WVU, Microsoft, Google, GitHub, Freelance United States , Mexico, Canada

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