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Web application for collaboratively constructing inclusions among complexity classes.

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  • Flask (used)
  • Flask-Admin
  • Flask-Assets (used) (requires jsmin, cssmin, less)
  • Flask-Auth
  • flask-bcrypt (used) (requires python-bcrypt)
  • flask_heroku
  • flask-lesscss (not used, using Flask-Assets instead)
  • Flask-Login (used)
  • Flask-Mail
  • Flask-Markdown
  • Flask-Mimerender
  • Flask-OAuth
  • Flask-OpenID
  • Flask-Principal
  • Flask-Restless (used)
  • Flask-Script (used)
  • Flask-SQLAlchemy (used) (requires sqlalchemy)
  • Flask-Testing
  • Flask-WhooshAlchemy (used)
  • Flask-WTF
  • vdm

The initial code for the site comes from, which uses HTML5 boilerplate, Bootstrap, Modernizr, jQuery, etc.

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