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Here you can see the full list of changes between each Flask-Restless release.
.. note::
As of version 0.6, Flask-Restless supports both pure SQLAlchemy and
Flask-SQLAlchemy models. Before that, it supported only Elixir models.
Version 0.7-dev
Not yet released.
Version 0.6
Released on June 20, 2012.
- Added ``post_form_preprocessor`` keyword argument to
:meth:`APIManager.create_api`; see `issue #74
- Fixed `issue #77 <>`_:
validation errors are now correctly handled on :http:method:`PATCH` requests.
- Added support for accessing model instances via arbitrary primary keys,
instead of requiring an integer column named ``id``.
- Added example which uses curl as a client.
- Added support for pagination of responses.
- Fixed issue due to symbolic link from :file:`README` to :file:``
when running ``pip bundle foobar Flask-Restless``.
- Separated API blueprint creation from registration, using
:meth:`APIManager.create_api` and :meth:`APIManager.create_api_blueprint`.
- Added support for pure SQLAlchemy in addition to Flask-SQLAlchemy.
Version 0.5
Released on April 10, 2012.
- Dual-licensed under GNU AGPLv3+ and 3-clause BSD license.
- Added capturing of exceptions raised during field validation.
- Added :file:`examples/`, showing how to create separate
API endpoints for a single model.
- Added ``include_columns`` keyword argument to
:meth:`~flask_restless.APIManager.create_api` method to allow users to
specify which columns of the model are exposed in the API.
- Replaced Elixir with Flask-SQLAlchemy. Flask-Restless now only supports
Version 0.4
Released on March 29, 2012.
- Added Python 2.5 and Python 2.6 support.
- Allow users to specify which HTTP methods for a particular API will require
authentication and how that authentication will take place.
- Created base classes for test cases.
- Moved the ``evaluate_functions`` function out of the
:mod:`` module and corrected documentation about how
function evaluation works.
- Added `allow_functions` keyword argument to
- Fixed bug where we weren't allowing PUT requests in
- Added ``collection_name`` keyword argument to
:meth:`~flask_restless.APIManager.create_api` to allow user provided names in
- Added ``allow_patch_many`` keyword argument to
:meth:`~flask_restless.APIManager.create_api` to allow enabling or disabling
the PATCH many functionality.
- Disable the PATCH many functionality by default.
Version 0.3
Released on March 4, 2012.
- Initial release in Flask extension format.
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