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Playlist for #metalmittwoch on Google+

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Other playlist formats (note they can be incomplete):


The structure is quite simple: metalmittwoch/[date] contains the playlist for the past wednesday specified by the given date. The date format it YYYY-MM-DD.

file formats

File formats are always plain UTF-8 text files. Depending on the file extension, the expected internal structure may differ.

past events

For past #metalmittwoch events there will always be a file without file extension that contains the playlist in human-readable form. Unindented lines at the beginning of the file contain some metadata about the event.

What follows are lines indented by two spaces with the following format (all separators are single spaces):

  ## artist - song title

For example, the first #metalmittwoch file looks like this:

#metalmittwoch #1 (Death Metal theme [with exceptions])
  01 Pantera - This love
  02 Tiamat - The Sleeping Beauty
  03 Malevolent Creation - Dominated Resurgency
  04 Cancer - Death Shall Rise


If you want to add a playlist for some music service that contains the same songs in the same order, add it to the appropriate date's directory. The extension should reflect the service type, and all newly added extensions must be documented in this file.


To be considered part of #metalmittwoch events, a post must contain the #metalmittwoch tag. Other suggested, but not mandatory tags include:

  • #metal
  • #metaleveryday

Some tags have special meaning. By default, the playlist generator (see issue #7) will ignore posts that have the #metalmittwoch tag but were not originally posted on a specific #metalmittwoch event day. That includes posts originally posted on non-#metalmittwoch event days, but also posts re-shared on #metalmittwoch where the tag is also re-shared.

If you want to force the playlist generator to include a re-shared post, then you can also add the #blutpogo tag.