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Cucumber step definitions for testing jQuery UI widget interactions with capybara
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Continuing in the naming tradition established by Aruba, Bermuda provides cucumber steps for driving out web applications which use jQuery UI widgets.


gem install bermuda

Then, just require the library in one of your ruby files under features/support

require 'bermuda/cucumber'

You now have a bunch of step definitions that you can use in your features. Look at aruba/cucumber.rb to see all the step definitions. Look at features/*.feature for examples (which are also testing Bermuda itself).

Selector Helpers

Bermuda provides some selector helpers that work in concert with Bodaniel Jeanes's selector helpers extension to cucumber-rails:

First, make sure your web_steps.rb is set up to support selector helpers. Follow the steps outlined in Bo's blog post:

Then add the following lines to your selectors.rb:

when /the "([^"]+)" accordion section/
  [:xpath, Bermuda::XPath.accordion_content($1)]
when /the "([^"]+)" dialog/
  [:xpath, Bermuda::XPath.dialog($1)]
when /the "([^"]+)" tab/
  [:xpath, Bermuda::XPath.tab_content($1)]

Now you can write steps such `Then I should see “foo” within the “bar” accordion section` and `When I click “Save” within the “Save Changes” dialog`.


Copyright © 2010 John Firebaugh. See LICENSE for details.

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