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Describe desired selector helpers behavior.

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@@ -16,6 +16,30 @@ You now have a bunch of step definitions that you can use in your features.
Look at aruba/cucumber.rb to see all the step definitions. Look at
features/*.feature for examples (which are also testing Bermuda itself).
+== Selector Helpers ==
+Bermuda provides some selector helpers that work in concert with Bodaniel Jeanes's
+selector helpers extension to cucumber-rails:
+First, make sure your web_steps.rb is set up to support selector helpers. Follow
+the steps outlined in Bo's blog post:
+Then add the following lines to your selectors.rb:
+ when /the "([^"]+)" accordion section/
+ [:xpath, Bermuda::XPath.accordion_content($1)]
+ when /the "([^"]+)" dialog/
+ [:xpath, Bermuda::XPath.dialog_content($1)]
+ when /the "([^"]+)" tab/
+ [:xpath, Bermuda::XPath.tab_content($1)]
+Now you can write steps such `Then I should see "foo" within the "bar" accordion section`
+and `When I click "Save" within the "Save Changes" dialog`.
== Copyright
Copyright (c) 2010 John Firebaugh. See LICENSE for details.

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