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[![Build Status](](
[![Dependency Status](](
-Konacha is a Rails engine that allows you to test your JavaScript with the
+Konacha ([koh-NAH-cha], a type of green tea) is a Rails engine that allows you to test your JavaScript with the
[Mocha]( test framework and [chai](
assertion library.
+[![Konacha in action][2]][1]
- [1]:
- [2]:
+ [1]:
+ [2]:
It is similar to [Jasmine]( and
[Evergreen](, but does not attempt to be framework
agnostic. By sticking with Rails, Konacha can take full advantage of features such as
the asset pipeline and engines.
-Photo credit: [FCartegnie](, CC-BY-SA.
## Installation
Add konacha to the `:test` and `:development` groups in the Gemfile and `bundle install`:
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2 comments on commit 8422802


It seems like you are running functional tests in Javascript. Can you please share (maybe some simple example) how you write functional tests for Ember. I was thinking about using Karma (ex Testacular) for running functional tests for Ember. But its tightly connected to Angular (see emberjs/ember.js#2232).

joliss commented on 8422802 Apr 1, 2013

I hear your pain -- Ember testing guide is coming up soon.

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