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* Evaluating a html attribute now happens only once (#219)
* Code with trailing comma is treated as broken line (#226)
* Support option :remove_empty_attrs (default true)
* Support for special characters in class/id shortcut removed
* Do not allow : in class/id shortcut
* Add support for block expansion syntax
* Support options :indent, :sort_attrs
* Require temple 0.3.5
* Pass options to embedded Tilt engine
Slim::EmbeddedEngine.set_default_options :markdown => {...}
* Add test case for precompiled embedded engine 'builder'
* Bug #204 fixed, tabs were not parsed correctly
* Fix rubinius test cases
* Fix line numbers for embedded engines
* Require temple 0.3.4
* Remove dynamic embedded engines Haml, Liquid, Radius, Markaby
* More thorough integration testing using travis-ci
See http://travis-ci.org/#!/stonean/slim
* Empty static attributes are not removed anymore
* Line indicator =' is supported in tags
* Support for Rails 3.1 streaming (Temple > 0.3.2 required)
* Switch to default format xhtml (supports all doctypes, including html5)
* Improve parsing of #{interpolation} in quoted attributes (issue #159)
* Use travis-ci for continous integration testing
* Only delimiting brackets must be balanced in ruby attributes
e.g this is possible now `a href=(ruby_code "{")
* Skip empty lines in text block (#156)
* Fixed html attribute issue in sections mode (#127)
* Obsolete directive syntax removed
* Syntax for trailing whitespace added (==' and =')
* Deprecated file 'slim/rails.rb' removed
* Parsing of #{interpolation} in markdown fixed
* Support for attributes which span multiple lines
* Dynamic attributes with value true/false are interpreted as boolean
* Support boolean attributes without value e.g. option(selected id="abc")
* Allow for bypassing escaping in attributes
* check if string encoding is valid
* support for html conditional comments
* Use new Temple html attribute expression [:html, :attrs, [:html, :attr, ...], ...]
* Use new slim html attribute expression (similiar to Temple)
* Option :id_delimiter replaced with :attr_delimiter
* Attribute value merging improved (nil/empty values are ignored now)
* Arrays attribute values are joined
* Boolean attributes (e.g. selected=true is converted to selected="selected")
* Option :debug removed
* Slim expression grammar provided, Temple validator used in tests
* Option :auto_escape replaced with inverse option :disable_escape
* Require temple 0.3.0
* add SassEngine which respects :pretty
* embedded engine code refactored
* temple supports denser template registration
* deprecate slim/rails (just require 'slim')
* use temple rails and tilt templates
* add encoding option to Slim::Parser/Slim::Engine to enforce template encoding
* vim support is now an external project
* add new doctype syntax without !
* slim directive expression has type and args
* slim should not be registered as the default template handler.
* add support for unescaped text interpolation
* Added the option to turn off automatic HTML escaping.
* update to tilt 1.2.2
* allow call to yield in logic less mode
* allow doctype declaration to be capitalized
* Added support for html comments. The parser uses the :static filter instead of the :comment filter due to the way the parser is constructed.
* fix issue #96
* Added the Temple Debugger filter.
* Rails problems fixed
* remove backtick slim syntax -- no longer supported
* slim executable conflict. issue #91
* vim syntax support improved
* rails logic less support
* use ' for text block with trailing whitespace
* allow to disable/enable embedded engines
* fix #82
* basic rails test added
* get rid of rails deprecation warning
* use_html_safe is activated automatically by temple
* logic less mode
* add syntax for explicitly closed tags
* slim-mode.el for emacs added (modified haml-mode.el, needs some work to be fully functional for slim)
* embedded engines
* escape interpolated strings/attributes
* Slim#Filter now uses optional configuration hash
* Initial implementation for Rail's `html_safe`. Closes #25
* fallback to escape_html stolen from cgi.rb if escape_utils is unavailable, use normal requires because slim is on the load path
* Limit the allowed characters used for attributes delimiters (now only allows parentheses, square brackets and curly braces). See #16 for more info.
* Default to HTML5-mode
* Slim now uses Temple and Tilt.
* Choose your own attribute delimiter!
* can wrap parens around attributes if you so desire
* added erubis to the benchmarks
* Added slim itself, haml and mustache to the development env for easier benchmarking.
* added escape_html functionality. need to tweak for speed
* Consecutive condition statements now working as expected.
* Added 'unless' to the list of control words.
* Fixes for inline conditions. There must be a better way of doing this??
* '-' is a valid character in HTML attributes, so let's allow that.
* Improved the regex so that control code now supports code blocks.
* Output code (start with '=') can now accept code blocks.
* Method calls no longer need parenthesis. We need more tests to ensure the implementation's robustness.
* Added '|' as an alias of '`' for parsing plain text. This simulates the syntax of the Jade template engine.
* Added instructions of how to use the gem.
* support for nesting lines under backtick
* make it so that one space is the left margin. any additional spaces will be copied over
* support for using indentation after backtick to denote paragraphs. useful for script tags and paragraphs
* fix bug with adding end to nesting ruby code
* Optimize compiled string to reduce number of concatentations to the buffer
* can now make code call on same line as tag
* Initial release