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Changes in Version 0.8-3
o Fix bug that prevents data import from text files.
o Revised GUI in the LoadPackages function to make it more obvious that the
missing packages are not necessary (thanks, @geneorama, #1).
o Changed donttest to dontrun in the man files.
Changes in Version 0.8-2
o Removed 'require' for conditioning in package code, now using
Changes in Version 0.8-1
o Fixed a bug in the EditData function that resulted from not updating the
search index when a new cell selection was made.
o Improved handling of time zones in variables of class 'POSIXt'.
o Added the ProgressBar function to show the status for long-running
operations. The progress bar is implemented when indexing search results.
o In the EditData function, the class of the object used to populate the
spreadsheet-like table has been changed from a 'data.frame' to a 'list'
with vector components of equal length. This change has resulted in a
noticeable performance boost.
Changes in Version 0.8-0
o Fixed bug that converted all exported data fields to character class when
writing Shapefiles and R data files.
o Added ImportSpreadsheet function, imports a worksheet from an Office
Open XML Workbook file (*.xlsx).
o Show individual observations and density estimate in histogram plot.
Changes in Version 0.7-9
o In the DESCRIPTION file, packages declared in the 'Depends' field were
moved to the 'Imports' field.
o Redesigned GUI layout in the Format function.
Changes in Version 0.7-8
o Variables of class 'Date' are now handled correctly.
o Removed dependency on the 'rgl' package.
o Improved performance for counting the number of lines in a file.
o Fixed bug that was preventing data imports using paste operation.
o Improved performance in the EditData function by removing its reliance on a
copy of the data frame that was coerced into character-class components.
o The base::format function is now used when a format conversion
specification string is not supplied. Previously defaulted to a general
string representation; for example, numeric objects were formatted using
the '%f' string.
o Removed SummarizeVariable function and replaced it with the more general
base::summary and utils::str functions.
Changes in Version 0.7-5
o Graphics opened in a platform-independent way using the
o Function name changes: ViewText to EditText, and ViewData to EditData.
o Calendar date-time variables are accurately converted to character strings
using the POSIXct2Character function.
o Added ability to import, edit, and export comment string.
o Added ability to edit raw data in a spreadsheet with final edits are saved
in a change log.
o Added GUI for importing data from an R package. R data sets may also be
imported from a file.
o RSurvey project files are specified using the *.RData file extension. The
*.rda extension is reserved for R data files.
o Functions ReadFile and WriteFile have been embedded into the ImportText
and ExportData functions, respectively.
o Additional arguments have been added to the ExportData GUI.
o In the ImportText GUI, added decimal and encoding arguments, and custom
entries for separator, NA strings, and comment parameters.
Changes in Version 0.7-4
o Main GUI is launched automatically when RSurvey is loaded.
o Added ability to view single variable in the ImportText GUI.
o It is no longer required to have a data set loaded to open the
DataManagement GUI.
o Fixed bug with finding unique values in EditFunction GUI.
o The header line specifying variable names now comes before the format
header line. Users need to update header lines in their input text files
to reflect this change.
o Measurement units have been removed. Users need to remove unit headers
from their input text files.
o Added GUI for sorting the processed data set.
Changes in Version 0.7-3
o Removed dependency on the 'tripack' package because of its restricted
license which explicitly forbids commercial use.