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Analysis of spatially distributed data
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RSurvey: A processing program for spatially distributed data


This R package is a processing program for spatially distributed data. RSurvey features graphing tools, query building, and polygon clipping. A graphical user interface (GUI) is provided and requires R operate as an SDI application, using multiple top-level windows for the console, graphics, and pager.

Files can be one of four types as indicated by their extension: tables (.txt, .csv, .dat, or .shp), grids (.grd), polygons (.ply), or binary project images (.rda). Tables (.txt, .csv, .dat) can be compressed by gzip with additional extension .gz. Shapefles (.shp) and interpolated grid files (.grd) are limited to data export. Support for programmatic manipulation of measurement units is only provided for date-time values; therefore, the bulk of unit consistency is tasked to the user. Time zones, spatial datum's and projections are not supported.

The set of standards used for coding RSurvey is documented in Google's R Style Guide.


If R is not already installed on your computer, download and install the latest binary distribution from CRAN. Windows users should set R to operate as an SDI application during installation by choosing to customize the startup options and specifying the SDI interface (not the default).

Install required R packages from CRAN using a simple call to install.packages():

> install.packages(c('sp', 'gpclib', 'rgl', 'MBA', 'tripack', 'RSurvey'))

Install an optional R package rgdal for shapefile support:

> install.packages('rgdal')

Support for displaying table data is provided by tktable, a spreadsheet-like Tcl/Tk widget (included with the Windows binary distribution of R). A call to tclRequire() will indicate whether tktable is available for use:

> tclRequire('Tktable')


Load RSurvey in the current R session:

> library(RSurvey)

Activate the main GUI:

> OpenRSurvey()

Example data sets are provided in inst/extdata/.

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