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Eyegrade 0.7

@jfisteus jfisteus released this
· 96 commits to master since this release
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The main changes included in this release from a user's perspective are:

  • Improved algorithms for the detection of manuscript digits and cell crosses, based on support vector machines. The system is much more precise now than in previous versions of Eyegrade.

  • Distribution of binary packages built with PyInstaller, and a Windows installer built with NSIS.

  • Some bug fixes.

Check the quick start guide if you are planning to use Eyegrade for the first time.

You can download below the Windows installer (eyegrade-setup-0.7.exe) or the portable linux binaries (eyegrade-0.7-bin-linux.tar.gz). Both include all the necessary dependencies.


On Windows, you can verify these checksums from a command-line console by entering the following commands:

certUtil -hashfile eyegrade-setup-0.7.exe SHA512
certUtil -hashfile eyegrade-setup-0.7.exe SHA256
certUtil -hashfile eyegrade-setup-0.7.exe SHA1
certUtil -hashfile eyegrade-setup-0.7.exe MD5

On Linux, run:

sha512sum eyegrade-0.7-bin-linux.tar.gz
sha256sum eyegrade-0.7-bin-linux.tar.gz
sha1sum eyegrade-0.7-bin-linux.tar.gz
md5sum eyegrade-0.7-bin-linux.tar.gz


9fced8d2e67eae6a977eb7f4749d2788af19d08eeaab5585f649b131dbc7a5e623252ccc6e5b006e97e82596f190548149ef07887aeb4f7ffd0dfb85f8043eb0  eyegrade-setup-0.7.exe
a9fd990ee44a8c80bf7e2644a4e1a7be040f7faa82c58a746192f3759101af333fb1e503a53efc1cbb7bc4f13d585fdfcb945f5017fe8aa8123b2e20e6aad6d7  eyegrade-0.7-bin-linux.tar.gz


0948ea5e66de6cabdb3c5c97f8ab2e7edffede89e102a963bd10cd29036b7640  eyegrade-setup-0.7.exe
23e7a9353dcae82ebad75d53ab5f49b94553aff087213d6b00f2711f465d78a0  eyegrade-0.7-bin-linux.tar.gz


8668375f0b18057e2ce782b4d4a871d1f23b82f3  eyegrade-setup-0.7.exe
545d193a55bc117a25888064248192d8a061abd1  eyegrade-0.7-bin-linux.tar.gz


8367d04057e88c2489489aef7869e875  eyegrade-setup-0.7.exe
12a24477672e260f4a4f425b109b2df8  eyegrade-0.7-bin-linux.tar.gz