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ztreamy: a framework for publishing semantic events on the Web

ztreamy is a prototype implementation of a framework for publishing
streams of events through on the Web, built on top of the Tornado Web
server. The framework provides services that are specific to events
described with RDF, although any other kinds of events can be
transported as well.

The platform provides scalability through replication: streams can be
repeated from other servers. Streams can also be aggregated and

A python library for consuming events at the client side is already
provided. For consuming events from programs written in other
languages, the client can use an HTTP client library and parse the
events itself. Support for other languages is planned to be added in
the future.

This is an alpha version of the framework. There is no guarantee that
the main programming interfaces will no change in the near future.

Basic documentation for installing and testing the framework is
available at:

This documentation is still work in progress.

A thorough description and evaluation of Ztreamy has been published at
the Journal of Web Semantics. If you want to cite Ztreamy from a
research publication or report, please use the following bibliographic

- Jesus Arias Fisteus, Norberto Fernandez Garcia, Luis Sanchez
  Fernandez, Damaris Fuentes-Lorenzo, "Ztreamy: a middleware for
  publishing semantic streams on the Web". Journal of Web Semantics
  (2013).  doi:10.1016/j.websem.2013.11.002.


A framework for publishing semantic events on the Web








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