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Upgrading to LedgerSMB 1.3
From LedgerSMB 1.3:
Untar over the top and then select step 1 or 2:
1) Automated process (all platforms):
* direct browser to the file in the directory you are in.
* provide PostgreSQL superuser credentials and the name of your data base.
* Click continue.
* [Optionally] Click 'Backup DB' and/or 'Backup Roles'.
* Click 'Yes', answering "LedgerSMB 1.3 found. Rebuild/Upgrade?"
* Repeat for each database.
2) Shell script process (UNIX/Linux only):
* cd to the sql/modules directory of the ledgersmb installation.
* sh [dbname]
* repeat the shell script for each database.
From LedgerSMB 1.1 and earlier:
For versions prior to 1.2, please upgrade to LedgerSMB 1.2 before upgrading to
1.3.x. To do this upgrade, simply untar the version of 1.2.x over your old
installation and run the relevant database upgrade scripts (in
sql/upgrade/legacy). Then proceed below.
From LedgerSMB 1.2.x
* Untar over the top.
* Check your Perl dependencies:
* perl Makefile.PL
* make
* make test
But run 'make test' under an english locale, because some tests check for english error messages.
(Bash tips: LANG=en_US make test )
* run the script.
* fix ledgersmb.conf with new config
copy ledgersmb.conf to ledgersmb.conf.old
copy ledgersmb.conf.default to ledgersmb.conf and reconfigure.
* direct your browser to the script in your ledgersmb directory (via
http) and follow the prompts:
* Provide Pg superuser and database information for your existing database
(the database created for your company)
* Click continue when asked to upgrade
* When asking for upgrade info:
* contrib_dir is the directory where either tablefunc.control or
tablefunc.sql is, depending on your PostgreSQL version (9.1 and higher
would use tablefunc.control)
* Default country is the country to map contacts which have no country
information to. This is the short, two letter ISO code for the
country, such as AU for Austria, or US for United States. It is
case insensitive.
* Default ar/ap accounts provide links to accounts for purposes of
selection among multiple AR/AP accounts, and for purposes of payment
reversals. Enter account numbers here, like 1200 for AR and 2100 for
* Provide user information.
Note: users are recreated as PostreSQL db users with application acess instead
of just imported from your 1.2.x install. New users created by the administrative
functions have their password auth timing out after a day, unless they change their
passwords after logging into LedgerSMB.
* log into the application and create additional users under System/User
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